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A Love Letter to Canadian Restaurants

Six years ago my business partner Geoff Dawe and I launched Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants with a view to celebrating the very best this great industry has to offer. Today that same industry is not just on the ropes, but down for the count, a casualty of the battle against Covid-19. This morning Premier Doug Ford followed France’s Saturday lead and ordered closed every restaurant, bar and café in the province. The rest of Canada will inevitably follow.

For my part, this situation was previously unimaginable. But the thing is, while restaurants and bars and cafés as we knew and loved them–as social hubs–are for now a thing of the past, many remain committed to continuing their great work. Which is preparing great food and drink–albeit for takeout. 

Canada’s 100 Best will continue to celebrate their best efforts. We will continue to shine a spotlight on quality, initiative and ingenuity across the industry. We will applaud the best of it. And do our best to help you find the best place to call on for your next meal. And when they get up off the mat we’ll be there, cheering harder than ever. So from Canada’s 100 Best to our favourite industry, and the 10% of the workforce that depends on it, please know we are rooting for you and want to help any way we can. Let us know what’s happening, share your stories, and we will do everything possible to get the message out. 

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