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Beyond the Plate: Good Vibes at Mano Cornuto

Griffintown’s Mano Cornuto is the neighbourhood cafe you wish you had.

No bad vibes here – just simple Italian home cooking kicked up a notch or two. Come in for an espresso and homemade focaccia in flavours like pistachio butter & basil.  The Day Menu is loaded with irresistible Italian staples like antipasto, burrata salad and sandwiches like the Classico: mortadella, pancetta, arugula, truffle honey, artichoke spread, plus hand-rolled pasta and desserts.

At night the menu packs a little more punch. Grab a spritz (there’s five on offer) and a starter of  Nordic shrimp with fennel cream, charred fennel, dandy greens, and peperonata. Move on to whole sea bass, with anchovy butter and walnut gremolata.  And, of course, a rocking little wine list. If you go now, you might catch the end of rhubarb season and the Gelatina di Fragole e Rabarbaro aka strawberry and rhubarb “Jello” with whipped cream and basil.  Everything’s so much better in Italian.

📷 Ezra Soiferman
In the latest episode of Beyond the Plate host Heidi Small hangs out with Mano Cornuto’s four partners and talks about how they discovered new revenue streams during the pandemic, how boxing translates to business tenacity, goes in the kitchen to roll some handmade pasta, and how Lightspeed’s ability to provide a seamless POS experience helps them focus on what really counts: service.

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