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In the Kitchen with Miele

miele culinary institute

Presented by The Miele Culinary Institute

Who isn’t passionate about cooking these days?

We spend so much time in our kitchen that choosing the appropriate appliances has become super-important – and a little nerve-wracking. Smart-cookie Miele knows that cooking is about so much more than having the best possible appliances. It’s about enjoying a food-friendly lifestyle that’s rich in quality – every day.

That’s why they offer cooking events that bring your Miele products to life. If you already own one (or are looking at buying),  you already know that they produce the best quality food. But do you know how to use all of its features?   There’s no shame if the answer is “no.”

Just book yourself into one of their complimentary classes.

There’s a class that will match your appliances and your skill set.  It’s hands-on training that shows you how to use Miele appliances to produce the best possible cooking results, plus tips and tricks from the Miele Product Specialists:

Miele Discovery Classes
The  Miele Discovery series was designed to allow you to sit down, relax in an intimate group as Product Specialist demonstrates how Miele appliances will transform the way you cook.

As a Miele owner, you already know your appliance is capable of producing the best quality food. But do you know how to use all of its features? Taking a MasterClass classes will help.

Miele Owner Consultation
You are the proud owner of a Miele appliance, but not quite sure how to operate it? When you purchase from Miele, it is their commitment to support and assist you in making the best of your appliance.

Miele Private Chef

Enjoy an exclusive, personalized, one-on-one consultation with a Miele Chef for yourself and up to three members of your family or friends at one of our Miele Experience Centres. This private lesson on how to use your appliances to create your favourite dishes is a gem.

For more information on the Miele Culinary Institute, click here.

ABOUT MIELESince 1899, Miele has been dedicated to creating extraordinary products that live up to our mantra, “Immer Besser” – a German phrase meaning “Forever Better”.

With ForeverCare, we’ve applied this same philosophy to our customer care practices. But ForeverCare is more than just a concept – it’s a guarantee. A guarantee that our commitment to you will extend far beyond the point of purchase. Rather, we’ll provide unparalleled service throughout the very long life of your machine.

From payment to delivery to installation, to service we’ll make sure your needs are always well taken care of. We keep our records current with your exact models and service plans, as well as your preferences for contact information. And at our large, dedicated Customer Care Centre located at our headquarters in Vaughan, Ontario our expert staff is ready to handle your needs.

We believe all our customers deserve this type of personal care – a new standard of service unmatched in the industry.

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