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Celebrating 30 years of Nespresso

To celebrate 30 years of Nespresso, Canada’s 100 Best looks back at the premiere coffee company’s dedication to technology innovation. Since 1986, Nespresso’s roots have been firmly planted in the relationship between the finished product and its consumer. With a clear goal of bringing the perfect cup of espresso into the home, Nespresso was born to make barista-quality creations easily available.

In early February, Canada’s 100 Best embarked on a prestigious media tour to Berlin and Avenches, Switzerland to explore Nespresso’s beginnings. What was discovered is how far this company will go to deliver a barista-perfect cup of espresso. We began with a gastronomic dinner prepared by Berlin’s top chefs and a Master sommelier before exploring the production facility in Switzerland where the coffee is sourced, roasted, and tasted.

The Nespresso story began to unfold at the atelier Fabrik 23, a 100-year-old factory in Berlin and an impressive loft space that changed our understanding of what truly makes a great cup of coffee. We were guided by Jean Christophe Mathis, Nespresso Product Platform Manager and Matt Web, who toured the machine milestones of the brand up until today and explained the importance of proper technology to deliver a luxurious consumer experience.

With the machines lined up like art in a gallery exhibit, Nespresso’s willingness to strive for perfection was evident in each featured model. With the desire to always honour the relationship between the consumer and the finished product, Nespresso’s first machine in 1986 was inspired by Luiggi Bezzera’s design and introduced the revolutionary system of encapsulated coffee and machines built to deliver them seamlessly.

In 2001, the company launched its first limited edition Grand Cru, featuring striking design features that make the machine incredibly user friendly. Building off of this over the past several years has led to the company’s most unique machine yet: Nespresso Prodigio launches this year as the first Bluetooth-enabled machine. Imagine preparing your morning cup from the comfort of your bed. An essential to the kitchen, the smart coffee machine allows users to choose their cru remotely while setting the brew time so they are greeted with a custom made cup of Nespresso as soon as they desire. “Innovation and convenience are core elements of Nespresso,” says brand manager Caroline Desvaux, “so we’re proud to announce the launch of our first connected machine.”

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