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Pink Chocolate Makes Pretty Desserts

Blush-hued pink chocolate has arrived in Canada,  and a spate of chefs and chocolatiers are welcoming it into their cooking arsenal.

Pink chocolate, dubbed ‘Ruby,’ is considered to be the first significant chocolate’ invention’ in over 80 years. How significant?  The Barry Callebaut team is working with Health Canada to obtain a new standard of identity for pink chocolate. This standard would make Ruby the fourth recognized chocolate, joining milk, white and dark. Until then, ruby chocolate is sold under the name of ‘Ruby Couverture.’ The discovery is credited to Barry Callebaut, a global chocolate producer much loved by chefs.

Ruby’s pink colour isn’t from a host of dyes or additives: the colour comes naturally via the ruby cocoa bean Callebaut sources from Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast. As with most chocolate, Ruby is lusciously smooth but true to its characteristic colour the chocolate has fresh berry flavours and a slight sourness.

At the Canadian launch of Ruby, Steven Tran of the Four Seasons Hotel plated pistachio cakes with a tart ruby mousse, and Stubbe‘s team of chocolatiers served pink chocolate ganache bonbons with a tangy lemon ganache.  Roselle‘s Stephanie Duong‘s sable breton with whipped Ruby yogurt ganache, raspberry panna cotta with lemon cremeux was summer perfection, while the mini guava cake with Ruby and strawberry mousse with guava jelly by Mark Cheese at Ricarda‘s brought a tropical touch to this elegant chocolate.

While pink chocolate may seem like an invention made for the Instagram age, with chefs and chocolatiers embracing the rosy hue it looks likely you’ll be seeing lots of pretty pink desserts in your future.  

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