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Salad for President

salad for president

Psssst!  Lettuce tell you about Salad For President – our new favourite website with the best name ever.

Salad for President is a super-cool online platform where the worlds of food and art collide. Blogger Julia Sherman merges her artistic background with her love for photogenic leafy greens to showcase salad masterpieces that make even the most drool-worthy steak look like a bland side dish – just one look at her Instagram photos threatens to turn a diehard meat-lover into a vegan.

Salad for President is an eclectic mix of salad recipes and strong images, as well as interviews and videography with artists. Recipes range from basics like “spicy greens with lemon vinaigrette,” to more sophisticated dishes such as “cabbage stuffed with beets, apple, and walnut.” Proving that salad forms and styles have as many endless possibilities as a blank canvas, Sherman uses her evangelizing mission of spreading salad zest as a catalyst for launching salad garden restaurants and events.

The site is an excellent example of the current vegetable-worshipping trend and perfectly argues that salad is so much more than a supplementary dish: it can be an elaborate meal, a vibrant work of art, and even a bonding experience between people.

Whether you’re a jaded salad enthusiast, a salad newbie looking for inspirational recipes, or just an innocent food-porn enthusiast, Salad For President gets two green thumbs up from us.

Julia Sherman’s “Salad For President: The Cookbook” will be published by Abrams Books in Spring 2017.

Photos courtesy:  Salad for President

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