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Don’t Order in What You Can Cook Yourself

Don’t order in what you can cook yourself – now’s the time to try something different. 

If you haven’t experienced the exuberance of chef Ian Robinson’s Skippa,  now’s your chance. Robinson’s craft and dedication are top-notch, but the rest of the draw is his culinary approach. Instead of the usual, minimalist Tokyo-style cooking, Robinson favours southern Kyushu cuisine.

Skippa’s focus on seasonal ingredients from suppliers in Ontario and Japan means you’ll be noshing on some pretty spectacular food. For example, this week’s Trust Skippa menu featured lobster fresh from Bonavista, Newfoundland. If it weren’t sold out, you’d get a lobster bento box, cherry blossom trout sashimi + seaweed + ponzu and a lobster miso soup made with 2 types of miso + sake kasu + spring vegetables plus their killer Nori Pan – Sourdough Bread with Seaweed from Japan served with Miso Butter. Follow them on Instagram to get their weekly takeout menu before it sells out.  Curbside pickup Thursday to Sunday between 5:30- 6:30 pm.

When you order, you can also stock your pantry with these cool summer staples: 
Yasai Box of seasonal vegetables on clay pot cooked rice
Maitake mushrooms for you to cook at home, including Skippa’s signature caramelized miso. 
House-seasoned tamari-based soya sauce 
Skippa “pesto” featuring Japanese herbs Shiso, Mitsuba, Kinome plus capers, yuzu kosho, anchovy and olive oil
Miso Butter
Sake, Wine and Beer


Takeout Pied de Cochon style features a Spring menu with cold celery root soup, Beluga lentil salad and duck breast confit on the bone, brandy sauce and homemade pasta accompaniment. Plus Maple milk rice with maple dulce de leche garnish. Lucky Montreal. Get the full menu here.

Canada’s 100 Best’s Best New Restaurant of 2019, Toronto’s Giulietta, is now on Tock  We’ll be ordering the Spaghetti ai Crostacei with red king crab, fresno chili, Meyer lemon & chives.

Campari Canada has donated $50,000 to the Bartenders Benevolent Fund, a Canadian non-profit organization that is raising funds for bartenders, servers and other hospitality staff who have fallen under financial hardship. This latest donation is part of the #ShakenNotBroken initiative that Campari Group has undertaken globally during the crisis.

Beer Finder is a new, searchable online directory that helps you find your favourite Ontario craft beers that are offering delivery directly to your door. What’s on offer? Over 1,000 Ontario craft beers searchable by style, ingredient and delivery area.

Who isn’t missing the restaurant experience? The thoughtful folks at The Playlist Co. have put together a feel-good nostalgic music project to help spread some good vibes using the medium of restaurant music. Order takeout and turn on the playlist from Bar Raval, Aloette and Il Covo.

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