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Delicacies Jewellery

delicacies jewellery

Food is a way of knowing ourselves and relating to others.

It’s a lens through which we see the world; a principle to organise the chaos, the noise, the suffering, the joys and rituals and everyday adventures. We can connect with different cultures through food, and afterwards realise that we aren’t so different after all. For all of us everywhere, the conversations we have over a communal meal bring meaning and order and joy to our lives.

Delicacy is a dream that I am so excited to realise. I love the idea of ingredients as pretty, wearable tokens that bring us home, in an instant, wherever we need to be. Delicacies are about finding your centre, with food as your guide. It’s about honouring and respecting simple ingredients and recognising a bit of ourselves in them. We are food lovers, storytellers, knowledge gatherers on a long journey. I hope you’ll come along.

If you haven’t heard of the company Delicacies yet, you likely will before you can say, “Why didn’t I think of that?” And you just may find yourself admiring an interesting bracelet on a friend or colleague soon, as well.

What came to Nicolle Nelson during what she describes as a severe fever-induced dream is now a reality — making many take notice of this born-and-raised St. Paul gal who literally followed her dreams.

The world’s first and only full line of jewellery for epicureans.

Each piece has a personal meaning for the wearer. Options include a coffee bean, a crab, a pig and celebrity Andrew Zimmern’s personal favourite, an octopus. Delicacies also believe in “giving back” by creating “Delicacies Dollars.” For every piece of Delicacies jewellery purchased, the company donates a share of proceeds to a nonprofit organisation that fights hunger.

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