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Art Deco Restaurants

art deco restaurant

There’s no doubt about it, the Art Deco movement is making a comeback in restaurant design!

Food trends are never an easy thing to accurately predict at the start of the year, but with so many new restaurant openings, it’s clear to see a pattern taking shape in terms of restaurant design. While street fashion is taking its cues from the 1990’s, Toronto restaurants are finding inspiration from the 1920’s and 30’s, utilising the classic vivid colours, bold lines, and rich materials commonly associated with Art Deco design.

Though the Art Deco movement began in France, restaurants representing all regions are picking up on this glamorous trend. The trend was kicked off with the striking addition of The Toronto Eaton Centre’s Leña Restaurante, serving South American-inspired cuisine in their stylish 1920’s-inspired space. The clear focal point of Leña is undoubtedly the dazzling octagonal-shaped bar, featuring the signature geometric lines, ornate patterns, and the multitude of colours that Art Deco design is known for.

The recently opened King West Italian restaurant Oretta drew their interior design inspiration from the “style moderne” movement as well, complete with similar bold geometric lines, bright colours, and rich materials.

art deco restaurant

Unifying the menu with their space, newly opened La Banane mirrors classic French fine dining with their classy and elegant interior. While La Banane takes a darker approach to the trend, the trademark eye-catching colours and stunning metallic arching lines are still represented, transporting diners to 1920’s France.

art deco - la banane

Personally, we can’t wait to say farewell to the tired eclectic hipster restaurant interior trend, and warmly welcome this classy nod to the past!