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Is this the Ultimate Cooking Thermometer?

cooking thermometer

Anyone who cooks with a digital cooking thermometer (as one should) will have some questions about its design.

Like, why does the cooking thermometer probe have to be so thick that juices gush from the wound left behind each time you measure the internal temperature of a piece of fish, fowl, pork, beef? Why is the digital tem-perature so slow to register? And why are its numbers so small and hard to read? And why oh why do you need an entirely different “candy” thermometer to measure the temperature of caramelizing sugar and frying oil? Now, thanks to a group of predictably methodical Swedes, their consulting professional chefs and designers and a successful Kickstarter campaign, the answer is: it doesn’t, and you don’t.

The new Professional Secrets thermometer generates nearly instant readings from a needle-thin probe that can be used on fish and boiling sugar and everything in between.

It is indispensable.