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It’s time to celebrate!

The list 2022

Our annual list of Canada’s 100 best restaurants returns May 30th after two long years off.
And just like the national dining scene that we cover like no other magazine, the list has changed a lot too.

We vetted a flood of applications to our judging panel and welcomed dozens of new judges on board. And the list they voted for in 2022 has more new restaurants on it than we’ve ever seen before. We’ll be publishing a separate list of the Best New Restaurants in Canada. We salute the standout initiatives that represent the best of our resilient restaurant industry. And in our ultimate expression of that winning theme of celebrating the best, we also have a new roster of awards, conceived to reflect the very best of the industry as it exists right now.

Some much-coveted awards–like Best Restaurant Design and Best Sommelier–are back. Others are much expanded. Like Best New Restaurant, and a look at the fabulous runners up,  to better celebrate the impressive number of great new restaurants that have opened across the country over the last two years, in defiance of the pandemic. Then we have entirely new categories–like the soon-to-launch Peoples’ Choice Award and our Chefs’ Choice award–to better reflect what’s happening in the industry of the moment and celebrate the best of it as only Canada’s 100 Best knows how. Which is by harnessing the largest pool of culinary expertise in the country to award those who best deserve it.

The List launches on May 30th. You can sign up to The Takeaway here to be the first to know!