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Bonnie Stern Says Don’t Worry, Just Cook

Bonnie Stern’s role as culinary guru to so many of Canada’s home cooks didn’t bypass her own kitchen, or her own daughter.

Don’t Worry, Just Cook is an ode to mothers and daughters cooking together. And not only is it a joint effort, but it’s one that’s been in the works since Stern’s daughter, Anna Rupert, was six. The foreword by friend and chef Yotam Ottolenghi, who’s “a huge fan” of Stern’s rugelach, reinforces the theme. It’s just cooking, after all, so jump in, do it with love, and the flavours will follow. The recipes are quippy and easy, with most holding on a single page. The flavours span the Middle East, Korea, Italy, Morocco…you get the picture. It seems no culture is off-limits. Family meals are the focus — such as Nova Scotia hodgepodge and Egypt’s “unofficial” national dish, koshary — along with plenty of practical tips for satisfying any loved one’s tricky dietary restrictions. Rich with anecdotes, this cookbook serves up an impressive variety of recipes for dishes that come from the heart and are made for the hungry.