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Braising Pan Season is Here

braising pan

Is your braising pan ready?

The braising pan (sometimes called a casserole pan) is one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment. Not only are they the perfect braising vehicle, they are also versatile enough for you to sauté, broil, roast, boil, fry, melt and steam in them.

A close relative of the Dutch Oven, the braising pan has lower sides for faster evaporation, and are shallower and come with wider bases than Dutch ovens. Their lids are tight for less evaporation meaning your meat won’t dry out, and they go easily from stove to oven. The best looking ones will also look great on your table.

Most importantly, they perfectly cook the type of food you crave when the temperature drops: coq au vin ( Julia Child’s recipe, please), osso buco, beef stew, pot-au-feu are all braising superstars.  Bonus points for filling your house with enticing aromas and making you look like a pro, and for turning affordable meat cuts into tender, falling-off-the-bone delights and delivering richly-flavoured jus.

When shopping for a braising pan to call your own, enamelled cast iron is an excellent choice as it withstands searing and slow heating well. Stainless steel is a good choice as well – just make sure it’s oven-safe with no plastic components.

braising pan

The Staub 11″ Cast Iron Brasier is rust and chip resistant and comes with an innovative spike shape on the inside of the domed lid that ensures moisture consolidates and is evenly redistributed over the food.  It’s also on sale at Hudson’s Bay for $321.00.


braising pan

You can braise and serve in All-Clad’s Braisier with stainless-steel layers and a pure aluminium core for even heating, plus riveted loop handles and a lifetime warranty against defects.  $270. 00 on Amazon.

Copper and tin are a match made in heaven when it comes to heat conduction. This beauty from 200-year-old E.Dehellerin in Paris is the pornographically perfect vessel for braising.  862,56 € tax incl + shipping.