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Great Canadian Ingredients Worth Celebrating

Interest in eating “Canadian” runs high on Canada Day weekend.

While a classic poutine with squeaky cheese curds or Beavertails dripping with maple syrup hold their own special allure, we’re so much bigger than that.  


Canadian cheese is a thing right now,  so next time you’re at your cheesemonger, drop the French and try Québec’s award-winning camembert L’Extra or Grizzly Gouda from Alberta.

L’Extra,  manufactured by  Montreal’s Agropur, recently held it’s own against the most renowned cheeses of France when it took the 1st prize at the World Cheese Competition.  And yes, the French were pissed.   L’Extra has a soft, gooey inside redolent of creamy milk, hazelnuts and mushrooms.

Grizzly Gouda from Alberta placed first in various categories at the 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix and now enjoys a cult following – Google grizzly and you get gouda before bears. According to the Cheese Boutique, Grizzly offers intense toffee flavour and a crystalline texture.  Bonus?  It’s lactose-free.   


Saskatoon berries look like blueberries — until you dig in and discover their sweet/sour,  nutty almond flavour. With an especially short harvest season, these are a rare treat — when you can get your hands on them. In season right now, Ontarians can find them in Norfolk County at Rowen Farms.   Then you can make this recipe from Dandylion chef Jason Carter: Saskatoon Berry Ice Cream With Oat Crumble And Plum Purée


Go hyper-Canadian with a Canadian cocktail made of whiskey. Born and raised in the fields of corn and rye, whether served over ice or as a base for a signature cocktail, whiskey feels just right in Sandy de Almeida’s  Le Trou cocktail. This drink combines maple syrup, Calvados and cedar infusion to create a truly Canadian drink.