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Bisha Hotel

Bisha Hotel

Toronto’s swanky new Bisha Hotel offers an excellent excuse for enjoying the great indoors this Fall.

Saying goodbye to summer is always bittersweet, but big city delights can help to ease the heartache.  Charles Khabouth‘s new luxury Bisha Hotel is a great option for an evening out and a grown-up cocktail (or two) in front of a very charming Lobby Bar fireplace on a cool night.

Located in the west end Entertainment district, the vibe here is clubby and deeply sexy. Enticements include the luxurious hotel bar, as well as Kost, a Baja-inspired rooftop restaurant, French Made, a 24-hour café, an event space with breathtaking views on the forty-third floor and the first-ever namesake restaurant in Canada from celebrity chef Akira Back (Yellowtail in Las Vegas and eight more restaurants worldwide).  Opening in October,  his rooftop restaurant promises “modern Japanese cuisine with a Korean accent.”

The Bisha Hotel is open just in time for TIFF.