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Wheelys is a Whole New Take on Coffee to Go


Swedish start-up Wheelys is an eco-friendly organic café on a bike.

Since launching the concept in 2014,  more than 500 Wheelys have sold to 65 countries, and the company has raised more than $800,000 via Swedish site FundedByMe.

This portable coffee shop has a low cost of entry for would-be baristas ($5,000.00 and a $200 monthly subscription fee) plus no overhead or staffing costs. Purchase a Wheelys and you get everything you need to run your mobile coffee shop: a tablet/cash register, stove,  running water, a stove, wifi, sound system, wifi, and a Rok espresso machine. How does it run?  Solar panels and a windmill.

There’s no advice on how to cope with Canadian winters, but here’s a look at what your day could look like as a Wheelys entrepreneur:


According to TechCrunch, the company has a list of over 100 people who are waiting to buy the next portable cafes. They also have an assembly plant in China, are scouting a coffee roastery in Rwanda, and will be launching an app that will simplify the process of finding the nearest Wheelys and enable pre-ordering.

If owning a highly-portable coffee shop appeals, you can read the Wheelys sales pitch here.