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The Seasoned Traveller

Collette’s immersive travel adventures connect with the world, helped along by the universal language of food.

FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY, family-owned Collette has been revered as a travel company that takes great care of its guests. Since 1918, they’ve guided thousands of curious travellers to all seven continents on 170-plus different tours, many of them highlighted by hands-on culinary experiences guided by experts.

“The hassle of planning and research goes away,” says Nicole Diebold, Collette’s creative director and a third-generation member of the Sullivan clan, which has owned the company since the 1960s. “You’ll get that insider access to experiences you wouldn’t otherwise.”

All Collette tour designers are resident in the destination they work on, passionate about its virtues and committed to sharing its most authentic and memorable experiences. Their itineraries make the most of your time — and your travel budget.

Collette tours feed not just your appetite, but also your curiosity through insider knowledge gleaned firsthand, often as you prepare and share food with new friends — like a pastry chef in Northern Italy demonstrating how to make the region’s famed tiramisù. Or maybe the fellow travellers you meet on a Zimbabwean safari, enriched by the experience of being invited by a local family for a home-hosted lunch. You might instead go on a night tour of Bangkok and zoom around in a tuk-tuk to explore street food. Or, on a trip to Japan, watch the fabled Ama divers grill seafood over an open fire. In Paris, sample cheese, charcuterie and crepes at favoured local haunts. Or harvest fresh produce and herbs for a Moroccan meal cooked in a traditional tagine at a training centre and help empower local women by preparing and sharing food with them.

Food tells a story, and those moments in a destination, where you meet locals, learn their stories and share a meal in their homes or help prepare it — it all makes food a cultural connection,

explains Diebold, who grew up travelling on Collette trips.

After your explorations with a community united by the language of food, you’ll go home sated, armed with recipes, cooking skills and wonderful memories to last a lifetime.