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Cookbooks: Seafood Simple

As one might expect, Seafood Simple contains everything you need to know about seafood.

It’s also beautifully packaged. World-renowned Eric Ripert is the three-Michelin-starred chef and owner of New York’s beloved Le Bernardin, widely considered to be one of the world’s finest seafood restaurants. His latest book demystifies fish cookery by teaching you how to choose, clean, and prepare fish with confidence. Eighty-five elegant and approachable recipes showcase 20 cooking techniques, from poaching and steaming to frying and grilling. Readers learn to shuck an oyster, fry up Crispy Fish Tacos and master a classic like Provençal Fish Stew via detailed step-by-step instructions. Ripert’s Seafood Simple is like having your own private cooking class with the seafood master himself.

—Tonia Wilson


Photography by Nigel Parry