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Grant Achatz Heats Up Miami

Grant Achatz Heats Up Miami

It’s not that we don’t love winter in Canada. It’s just that today we’d like to be someplace warm and sunny. Someplace with excellent food in a spectacular setting.

Someplace like the over-the-top Faena Hotel  in Miami Beach on the opening night of Grant Achatz’s sold out pop-up restaurant.

Chef Grant Achatz
The 3-Michelin-starred Chicago chef will be offering an 18-course tasting menu comprised of Alinea classics plus culinary inspirations from Miami and Argentina.


On site Asado


On which note: our mouth is watering thinking about what Achatz will do with the on-site asado during his month-long residence.

When not eating, food fanatics can enjoy the awe-inspiring Damien Hirst sculpture, the dreamy seashell encrusted entrance by Juan Gatti, the super-luxurious rooms and the spectacular beach.

Until dinnertime rolls around, of course.

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And the Faena Hotel