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Cookbooks: Fish Butchery

While whole-animal butchery has been a trend since the 1990s, when U.K. chef Fergus Henderson revitalized the age-old “nose-to-tail” practice, the idea of “scale-to-tail” with fish is, outside of traditional Indigenous practices, a relatively unexplored concept.

With this in mind, Australian chef Josh Niland’s Fish Butchery aims to impart invaluable knowledge on how to utilize all aspects of the fish, minimizing waste and maximizing flavour, bringing piscine butchery to the mainstream. Niland presents precise cutting methods, innovative techniques, and original recipes that bring desirability to otherwise overlooked species and fish parts. Expect gorgeously illustrated, concise directions for preparing terrine, fish “ham,” liver paté, center-cut fillets, bone-in chops, consommé, and both salted and smoked hearts and spleens, all reflecting his commitment to maximizing the potential of every element of the fish.

— Jamie Drummond

Photography by Rob Palmer