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Beyond the Plate: Paul Toussaint’s Kamuy


Take a look at Chef Paul Toussaint (Agrikol, Time Out Market), and you’d never know that he’s been working overtime to open a restaurant during the pandemic.

His sunny smile and relaxed demeanour is the perfect advert for just-opened Kamuy (sun in Taino) in the Quartier des Spectacles. Combining the flavours and culture of Caribbean food with the fine-dining traditions of French cuisine and the comforts of Quebecois casse-croûte culture, the food is perfect for awakening quarantined tastebuds. What’s on the menu?  An irresistible banana-leaf goat curry tamal in corn masa, Jerk shrimp with grilled tiger shrimps and sweet potato purée, and a refreshing Jicama carpaccio with watermelon radish, ground cherry, lulo dressing, avocado purée and chipotle bread.  Order Paul’s Signature Rum Sour with 3 Star Barbancourt Rum, lime and Scotch Bonnet Pepper syrup and you’re as close to transported as you can get right now.


To find out more about Kamuy, watch Beyond the Plate’s Heidi Small and Chef Toussaint as they discuss opening a restaurant during a pandemic, Haitian culture, his on-site art gallery Atelier 320 and how technology has been his best friend while getting Kamuy up and running.
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