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Beyond the Plate: Derek Dammann Rolls with It

Derek Dammann

Chef Derek Dammann is a much-loved stalwart of the Montreal food scene.  

His gastropub Maison Publique is fun and hospitable with a serious, disciplined kitchen, which is to say that it is the very best sort of gastropub. In this episode of Beyond the Plate, host Heidi Small and chef Dammann head to Quebec’s picturesque Eastern Townships to visit his old friend and superstar restaurant supplier, farmer/purveyor/chef Nick Hodge at his Sugaree Farm

On this episode of Beyond the Plate, they’ll cover what makes Maison Publique the neighborhood restaurant we all need right now, the dynamics of shared plates, and how Lightspeed helps them deepen their connection to clients and keeps their take-out business rocking. All while cooking up an à la minute lunch of Merci La Vie bread sauteed with pine nuts, fennel seeds, capers, onion, garlic, chilies, olive oil, vinegar and herbs on Sugaree lettuce,  heritage  tomatoes and vegetables topped with anchovy dressing. 

Farm to table. For real.

Derek dammann

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