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Making the Case for Covid-19 Restaurant Relief

Last week chef Jason Bangerter asked us to collaborate on a letter to the Prime Minister to make the case for industry-specific relief from the Covid-19 crisis.

The idea was to highlight areas of particular concern to Langdon Hall and all the other great restaurants across the country that help to forge our national culinary identity–and also do so well on our annual Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants lists. So we did. And we sent it out–along with our recommendation to also join the broader campaign at SaveHospitalityCA–to all the restaurants and bars that have appeared on our past rankings. Seventy-one of them put their signatures on the petition and it went off to the PMO last Tuesday. 

Campaigns of various kinds to assist laid-off hospitality workers are sprouting up across the country. Last week, taking their cue from what was already unfolding in Manhattan, the former wine director for Montreal’s Olive & Gourmando restaurant group Kaitlin Doucette and her friend Jess Cytryn set up a local restaurant worker relief fund. Montreal Resto Relief Fund (MTLRWRF) promptly raised $60K and has already begun distributing it–as well as a short how-to guide on how to start your own in your city. Go to MTL Resto Relief Fund to find out more, or make a donation. Or do as I did, and instead, visit the website for Elena and buy a copy of their new digital cookbook–from which all proceeds go to MTLRWF.

Stay safe–and don’t stop eating well.

Jacob Richler
Editor in Chief