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The businesses we used to know and love simply as restaurants are undertaking all sorts of initiatives to keep food and money moving, and a few core employees on the payroll instead of EI.

Many restaurants are offering simplified takeout menus. Some are doing full meals, designed for family sharing–including a bottle of wine. Most have allied with UberEats or Skipthedishes to facilitate home delivery, while others have launched their own services. Some restaurants are making meal kits, and even facilitating home deliveries of raw product direct from their great suppliers, so the self-isolated occupied can get busy in the kitchen. Others provide a complete service, including a bottle of wine. Over the weeks and months ahead we’ll be looking at every restaurant on our 100 Best list from last year and the year upcoming to tell you about what they’re offering, what’s great about it, and how you can get some of this restaurant magic over to your house, where you need it now more than ever. And we’ll keep at it in a weekly dispatch until that happy day comes when we don’t have to any more because it’s safe to dine out again. May it come soon.

Until then, stay safe–and don’t stop eating well.

Jacob Richler
Editor in Chief


A small scoop of food news from across the country.


Chef Darren MacLean is offering no-contact takeaway and home delivery with Greenfish Sushi and Izakaya food @Shokunin plus sake, wine and Okami Kasu 6-packs are available with pick up orders only

Elena is delivering their mind-blowingly good pizza.

Rob Gentile’s Bar Buca is offering takeout from both locations Wednesday to Sunday via UberEats.  

If you’ve got a Terroni habit, the Price St location is offering takeout from 12 to 8 pm daily. The Queen St Sud Forno is doing takeout and boutique groceries, and brand new east-end Spaccio offers fresh pasta/sauce, olive oil, tomatoes, bread, meats, cheeses and lasagna trays.  All offer delivery with UberEats.

Il Covo has yummy takeout/delivery options. 

Once you’ve made your way through Italian, high-end comfort food is available at Sash Simpson’s Sash.

Vancouver:  Vij’s on Cambie and Rangoli is open for pickup and delivery.

Best Bars champ The Keefer Bar is Introducing Living Room Sessions. Join them on Facebook all week for live streams of Keefer musicians. 

Nightingale Restaurant’s takeout + delivery menu aims to keep Vancouver nourished by preparing farm-fresh, nutritious dishes for pick up and home delivery. Partial proceeds support St. Paul’s Hospital frontline medical staff who have welcomed more than 100 meals from Nightingale since the restaurant closed its doors last week.


 Thank you, Restaurants Canada for staying on top of navigating the effects of the coronavirus on the industry. You can too by clicking here.  

We are loving the Cornershop app. Download, key in your postal and see what your local stores are delivering.

“There are two things that haven’t changed: People need to eat and people need to work.’  How one Seattle restaurant reinvented itself in response to the coronavirus

Cheers to Ontario’s Kendal Hills Farm proposition that ANY farmers’ market, restaurant or independent grocery store can serve as a community food hub. This virtual farmers market appears to be on to something; find out more here.  

If you’re wondering what’s up with our Canada’s 100 Best List 2020, please sit tight.  We’re working at getting it out to you in a way that’s reflective of the current situation.  

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