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JennAir: Redefining Luxury

Customization and connectivity is the new kitchen-cool. When’s the last time shopping for an oven felt glamourous?

The thought may feel paradoxical: chances are, curating your kitchen pieces was a chore, primarily made up of pulling cookie-cutter pieces from line-ups at big box stores. But JennAir is looking to disrupt this kitchen monotony. The brand’s Bound by NothingTM campaign is reaching to reset the standard of luxury, dosing progressive appliances with luxury details and designs. Unveiled with the help of Buca’s Chef Rob Gentile and designer Nam Dang-Mitchell at the recent launch event in Toronto, the two new design expressions (RISETM and NOIRTM) call to both home cooks and aesthetes alike.

The first design expression, RISETM, has the culinary crowd in mind (Chef Rob favours it in his off-duty hours) with aesthetic features befitting your favourite restaurant. Robust lines and muscular handles mimic professional-grade kitchens while warm brass accents give off more warmth than an industrial kitchen offers. The second expression, NOIRTM, plays to the visually-fueled.

Catering to the discerning minimalist, the appliances in this range boast structural lines and geometrical angles: think dark glass, solid steel construction, and both matte and reflective stainless steel surfaces. Cooktops are customizable: swap out the standard range suite for a mix- and-match melee of wok, inductions, griddles or gas burners. That versatility expands beyond the stovetop: the entire line pivots to meet your space and design needs. For spacious spots or small-space dwellers, fridges and stoves shrink or grow to fit your space: coloring is sensual and stylish to siren-call the Instagram crowd, from obsidian interiors to sleek etched finishes. In both iterations, smart technology shines. The JennAir Culinary Centre utilizes specialized algorithms customizing cook times based on pan type and desired doneness. The My Creations feature banks your favourite cook modes – it’ll remember your tried-and- true steak temperature or a cheesy casserole cook time, both stored and squirreled away in the settings. At the launch event, Chef Rob showcased this feature, whipping up a salt-baked cod with his pre-programmed settings.

Each smart feature can be accessed via the JennAir® App: control the oven temperature, check on your dishes, and start or stop any connected appliance with the swipe of a finger. A particularly enticing feature lets you flip open the app to check up on what’s cooking in your oven – week-night dinners just got far more laid back. Whether that laissez-faire approach is more your style or if you’re a serious-business food savant, JennAir’s innovations welcome in a new era of home cooking.


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