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Cookbooks: The Korean Cookbook

The Korean Cookbook asks the question — What is hansik?

Referring to the term for the profoundly intricate tapestry of traditional Korean cuisine and, in doing so, strives to introduce this complex philosophy to the world at large. Carefully examining fermentation, bap (cooked rice), and banchan (side dishes) — the three pillars of Korean cookery — across 500 pages and 100 commissioned photographs, this cookbook is the most comprehensive collection of authentic Korean recipes in print today. From river-snail doenjang (fermented-bean paste) to North Korean hotpots, like beef jeongol, it proves there is infinitely more to Korean fare than barbecue, although it’s far from being simply a book of recipes. Through a series of meticulously researched essays, the authors paint a vivid picture of Korea’s culinary history, helping readers understand the deep-rooted traditions and cultural significance ingrained in each cooking method or dish while immersing them in the richness of the country’s gastronomic legacy.

— Jamie Drummond


Photography by Jinju Kang