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Introducing Ace Hotels

The first time we shacked up at an Ace was a decade back, in midtown Manhattan. 

The room was small, but so what? We went downstairs for oysters, bottarga flatbread sandwiches and a baked bluefish head at April Bloomfield’s John Dory (now defunct, alas). A few cocktails later we moved next door for a meaty English pub dinner at her second hotel restaurant, The Breslin, which is still resident there (albeit without its former Michelin star). We liked the cool vibe of the Ace, and its food offerings especially. So, next we tried the Ace in New Orleans. Like the city around it, this one was all about bars. We started at the one in the lobby restaurant, moved to the rooftop patio and later that night ended up in another, at lobby level. Back in the room, there a stand-up bar at the foot of the bed. And just in case you got thirsty on the walk over, there was a full-sized refrigerator “mini-bar” at the pillow end of things, too. More than enough to have a party without shopping for it. So we had one, and left liking the Ace even more. We are very happy that the brand has now landed in Canada, where it will open in Toronto in fall 2020. With good food and a party, we assume. Welcome to town, Ace.