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Dishing Up Toronto: Stories of Migration

Dishing Up Toronto

A recent BBC study declared Toronto the most diverse city in the world.  This diversity is no more apparent than through Toronto’s food scene.

This April, the Toronto Ward Museum, a museum dedicated to telling stories of migration to Toronto, will launch its 2017 programming for Dishing Up Toronto, a series of food and storytelling tours.

A signature program of the Museum, the tours take audience members to different pockets of the city. The local residents who developed the tours serve as guides and use their own life stories to introduce audiences to their favourite neighbourhoods and hotspots. The dishes selected by the guides bring their migration stories to life and function as the jumping point for critical reflection around questions of identity, migration, citizenship and belonging.

The series launches April 1 with Breaking Bread.   Hosted at 200-year-old Montgomery’s Inn,  this cooking workshop allows you to taste and experience the past and present by breaking breads from around the world made from local ingredients produced by Ontario Farmers.

To see the full Dishing Up Toronto schedule, click here.