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Pop-Up raw:almond Announces Next Location


RAW:almond, Winnipeg’s famed pop-up restaurant, has announced it’s national park dining series, consisting of a 20-course tasting menu pop up in Wasagaming, Riding Mountain National Park.

From September 29th to October 14th, Joe Kalturnyk will work on the architectural and environmental end alongside Mandel Hitzer who will create the five-star menu. This project is in partnership with Parks Canada and Clear Lake Country, bringing guests an unparalleled experience. The experience begins in Riding Mountain National Park in Wasagaming, a stunning lakeside town home to dining, shopping, and a marina which acts as the starting point for this journey. Guests will experience stunning views as they travel by boat to the dining location, where they will be met by Park Canada guides who first lead a brief night hike and introduction to the land. The tour will end at RAW: a culinary and architectural pièce de résistance. The 20-course tasting menu on offer is paired alongside aromatic and flavourful beverages — either alcoholic or non-alcoholic by choice. The menu is crafted to take guests out of their comfort zones and push them into exploring new flavours techniques, whilst appreciating the ingredients that Manitoba has to offer. The project’s connectivity to nature is front and centre, as an introduction to the environment starts off the evening followed by a menu relying heavily on local fare, alongside an architectural design using wood repurposed from the region. A wide variety of accommodations are available in Wasagaming, ensuring guests have a seamless RAW: experience from A to Z.

Tickets are available now at