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Ruby Red Chocolate

ruby red chocolate

There’s a new chocolate in town:  say hello to Ruby red.

80 years after the introduction of white chocolate, Zurich-based chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut Group has unleashed a new object of lust for chocoholics.  Ruby red chocolate is naturally pink-hued,  fruity and smooth and is neither bitter, milky or sweet on the palate but reminiscent of berries.

Taking its place beside white, dark and milk, Ruby chocolate is made from the Ruby cocoa bean with no added colour, berries or berry flavor. Is this a gimmicky, uber-photogenic product developed with Instagram in mind or worth getting excited over?   Only time will tell, but the chocolate industry could sure use the help.  A large global surplus has seen cocoa futures trading in London more than 30 percent in the past year, resulting in a crisis in the Ivory Coast.

With millennial consumers always on the lookout for the next big thing, this pretty- in-pink chocolate seems poised to provide a boost for the chocolate market.   According to Bloomberg, “It could be excellent news if the taste works for consumers, as it offers a new branch of manufacturers to explore,” said Bloomberg Intelligence analyst Duncan Fox. “If they can use less sugar to make a nice bar, then it will an addition to the current market.”

The more chocolate, the merrier we always say.