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On the Pass: PIP International

As the Impossible Whopper at your local Burger King attests, alternative proteins have long since made the jump from niche to mainstream. Plant-based foods derived from pulses such as beans, peas, chickpeas, and lentils are packed with nutrients — but anyone who’s tried them may notice a wide variance in palatability across brands. An Alberta-based company claims to have devised a sustainable method to create a pea-based isolate that uses minimal processing to produce a neutral-tasting protein for use in downstream food products. PIP International’s product has a “good clean taste,” notes CEO Christine Lewington. “That opens a new horizon for restaurants wanting to offer enjoyable plant-protein options.” In its quest for what it calls “pea-protein supremacy,” PIP is constructing a commercial facility, which will process 136,000 metric tons of peas annually and is slated to begin operating in 2024.