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Canada’s 100 Best Sponsor | Piller’s Salami

Risotto With Crispy Piller's Salami

Satisfy your childhood craving with Piller’s Salami

If you crave comfort food, why not take a spin down memory lane to lunchbox land and revisit the simple pleasures of a Piller’s salami sandwich?  You can do an adult upgrade with quality rye or sourdough bread and a little sophistication courtesy of Dijon mustard – bliss.

Fry salami up like bacon, and you’ve suddenly got a crisp and delicious addition to an omelette.

This recipe for Risotto with Crispy Salami & Rapini is a nice twist on an Italian classic.  Or you might make your next bowl of pasta this Crispy Salami Carbonara.

Keeping things simple never tasted this good.

We thank Piller’s Salami for their support of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants. For more recipes, go to
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