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Savour Sicily with Tornatore Wines


Versatile, subtle, distinct, refined – a mountain of descriptors can be accorded to the fine wines of Tornatore, thanks to one mountain in particular: Etna, the highest active volcano in Europe. From its northern slope in the municipality of Castiglione di Sicilia come spirited reds and vivacious whites laden with the cultivated qualities synonymous with the Tornatore name.

“Tornatore Wines are a pure expression of Etna,” says Federica Campo, Hospitality Manager at the winery. “Etna is a very unique place to produce wine. The volcanic soil in each vineyard is so rich and so different, giving us the opportunity to create labels that embody the essence of every single parcel.”

With 60 hectares of vineyards, Tornatore is one of the largest estates in the region, spread across several different districts, each with different soils and altitudes – environments that add complexity and intensity to a range of wines.

The Tornatore family has been rooted in this area since 1680 and bound to the history of Etna wines since 1865. The current owner is the great-grandson of the winery’s founder. Today, grapes are harvested and processed by hand, using renewable energy sources to fulfil Tornatore’s commitment to low environmental impact through each step of the wine-making process.

“The Tornatore family has been one of the most important growers in the region for generations,” says Nicholas Pearce, the winery’s principal agency in Ontario. “Every detail of their methodology is built around the preservation and transparency of the land. Indigenous grape varieties and traditional wine-making are orchestrated in perfect harmony to glorify Mount Etna’s volcanic landscapes and unique micro-climates.”


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Pair the recipes in this issue with a tantalizing Tornatore wine.

Eva Chin’s Clay-Pot Rice – Try Tornatore Etna Bianco to bring out the nuances of the smoked sablefish and clams. Fresh hints of grapefruit, white peach and herbs mark the nose of this wine which shows its true identity on the palate.

Ron McKinley’s Sunday-Night Roast Chicken – This infallible recipe can be delicately elevated by Tornatore Etna Rosso. Enjoy balanced tannins and flavours, with aromas of red berries, morello cherry and black cherry.

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