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Drynuary or Bust


Surviving January, the sober way.

Where December is shiny bows, fatty foods and festive knitwear, January is the office supplies of months. Practical, useful, but in no way any cause of celebration. And while life isn’t much fun without a few vices, most of us agree a lifetime of Decembers is arguably, too much of a good thing.

Which is why bleak and listless January is a much-needed respite from weeks of merrymaking and merry indulging. A longtime, run-of-the-mill resolution is to cut down on, or entirely expunge, the drinking of alcoholic beverages. But in recent years a new trend in alcohol abstaining has become more and more popular; Drynuary. The portmanteau, beloved of tabloids and linguists alike, combines the words Dry and January, signifying the challenge to avoid alcohol for the entire month.

Now, as we near January’s halfway point, those who took the pledge to abstain might be feeling the strain of their decision. Luckily, Mic put together a list of tips for those struggling to stay sober.

Near the top of the list is the ever popular buddy system. Everything is easier with a sidekick, including kicking your cravings for booze. Enlisting a friend practically doubles your likelihood of making it through Drynuary; should that temptation arise you’ve got someone to lean on for support.

Another highlight of the list is the suggestion to have a go-to alcohol free order. Should you find yourself at a bar or party, not only will an exotic mocktail wet your whistle, but also probably keep those who would try to pressure you into drinking at bay. No one has to know that effervescent drink in your hand is just a seltzer and lime.

Over at Business Insider, one of the best tips for making it through the month is just to relax. Remember Drynuary is a personal goal and not a life or death situation. If you slip up once or twice or find yourself in a situation that cannot be celebrated (or dealt with) without a little fermentation, it’s not a big deal.

Our only advice: try not to throw away your good intentions on something subpar.