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Coming Soon: Trash Collective’s Supernova Ballroom

Supernova Ballroom

Trash Collective’s Kelsey Ramage and Iain Griffiths are bringing their anti-waste genius to Toronto with Supernova Ballroom. 

Alchemists who turn bar trash into treasure, they repurpose lemon rinds for citrus stock. Day-old almond croissants from a nearby bakery are made into rich orgeats. Avocado pits – strangely, a thing the average drinker has little need for – are dropped into rums and infused to make a lusciously rich sip. Watermelon rinds are conjured into cordials. 

For the past three years, the duo has traversed the globe – from London to Singapore to Mexico City – hosting colourful punk parties. The drinks that fly across the bar act as a delicious master class on anti-waste, showing consumers and fellow industry members that sustainability can be achievable and, dare we say it, sexy. For those who can’t make it, Ramage and Griffiths fuel the Trash Tiki blog with step-by-step how-to’s on implementing sustainable techniques on your own.

But coming this August, after years of taking over bars around the world, they are putting down roots.

Trash Collective’s first project, Supernova Ballroom, will take over a 1920’s stone-era building in the heart of Toronto’s Financial District. In Ramage’s words, #FizzyandFabulous will be the MO: fizzes and spritzes will be a focal point, from tap-carbonated cocktails to French 75s. Drinks will be lighthearted and easy-drinking, but the playfulness doesn’t mean they lack complexity. Nerdier in-house ferments (like a bottle-fermented Niagara Peach Bellini that will be the bar’s signature) showcase the duo’s serious cocktail credentials. True to Ramage and Griffith’s anti-waste inclines, “Everything will flex on Ontario’s gorgeous seasonal produce.”

Sky-high ceilings and swirling artwork by Kisira Hill will help transport revellers to a shimmering state of mind. According to Ramage, “It’ll be nothing short of the dazzling disco party the name promises.”

Supernova Ballroom opens in Toronto in August.