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Sunday Farms Delivers Naturally Raised Meat + Poultry

sunday farms

Have you heard the one about the photogenic husband & wife team who quit NYC to get into the organic meat business in Toronto?

Sunday Farms’ Charlie Iscoe and Laya Bail are a couple on a mission: to bring the best, naturally raised meat and poultry they can source straight to your door at the most competitive possible price.

The idea was hatched last spring when–in a sort of pandemic-era rerun of Green Acres–Charlie and Laya spent a few months at a family farm in Creemore. They planted vegetables in organic fields, learned about raising livestock naturally without growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics, and befriended local farmers. The result of this bucolic journey­ is helping out the local farming community and the young urbanites of Southern Ontario who are looking to feed their families better by providing convenient deliveries of healthy local food.

Which is why Charlie calls Sunday Farms a win-win-win situation:  local farms practicing the most sustainable agriculture get economic support, and the customer gets nutritious,  great-tasting local food. And the environment wins, too.

Sunday Farms only deals with environmentally rigorous famers. Livestock are raised according to the most regenerative practices: they are rotated through unsprayed pastures, and never fed GMO-crops. All beef is 100% grass fed. Heritage breed pigs are encouraged to forage in the forest (their idea of a good time). And chickens roam in the grass, living their lives entirely free-range (and thus are reared exclusively from June to November, as weather permits).

Stock your pantry. Try new things. Feel good about what you eat. Sunday Farms delivers on so many levels. Find out more here.
📷 Elaine Fancy