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Wine Cellars that Rise Above

Forget subterranean. These are wine cellars for the main floor — of your yacht.

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED A UNIFORMITY TO MOST TRADITIONAL WINE CELLAR DESIGNS, a certain homogeneity that screams same old, same old (read: dark, still, humid, wood-lined — and subterranean).

Identifying a niche gap in the luxury market, Montreal-based atelier CellArt breaks this mould with its revolutionary bespoke wine spaces.

CellArt’s team follows a philosophy of “creating meaning through emotional resonance,” which sounds über-wanky, but the end results are otherworldly high-tech wine cellars and tasting rooms that you certainly won’t want to keep hidden away in the basement.

Fancy a bold camo background with blazing orange hardware as your avant-garde wine display wall? Perchance your aesthetic preference leans more towards the Craig-era Bond villain — an exercise in expansive Zenlike minimalism, replete with myriad clandestine doors and panels? Whatever your vision, CellArt will help bring it to life.

These undeniably striking spaces integrate bleeding-edge wine storage technology — think environmental monitoring of your cherished collection and/or pneumatic vibration-dampening for your superyacht — with artisanally finished cabinetry, glass, and metalwork to elevate your cellar into a sophisticated AI-controlled art installation. Given the ongoing global real-estate boom and the select few among us with the luxury to spend more time and money on their properties, CellArt recently recorded its most successful quarter to date.

With this in mind, if you are in the market for an evocative CellArt environment of your own, be aware that only 52 of these custom spaces are designed and built each year, regardless of demand, so time is of the essence. These are sure to be fast cellars.

By Jamie Drummond

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