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Taste of Streep

taste of streep

You know the saying you are what you eat? Brooklyn-based actress and graphic designer Samantha Raye illustrates the validity of this statement through her Instagram account Taste of Streep.

Renowned Hollywood actress Meryl Streep is all over the internet in characteristic 2016 fashion – namely, outlandish social media. Although these days it’s commonplace to see the spheres of food and celebrity collide, we can assure you that there’s nothing ordinary about Taste of Streep.

The account seamlessly Photoshops Meryl Streep into a variety of foods, such as donuts, Dunk-a-roos, and churros, merging person and pastry into one. The resulting images are simultaneously cringe-worthy and awe-inspiring, giving us an impression of surrealist art in the twenty-first century.

Take a look at the pictures for yourself.   Words (and reason for that matter) fail to explain such a peculiar spectacle.

All we know is that La Streep has never looked so delicious.

taste of streep

taste of streep

taste of streep

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