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Terroir Budapest


Canada’s Terroir just got a little exotic.

Terroir founder Arlene Stein has paired with Budapest wine grower Robert Gilvesy to organize Hungary’s first professional development event for the gastronomy industry. Gilvesy is the owner of Gilvesy Winery and recently founded Volcanic Wines of Pannonia, the country’s first Volcanic Wine association.

Terroir Budapest takes place Monday, October 30th.  The gastronomic love-in unites some of Canada’s most prominent chefs (Amanda Cohen, Albert Ponzo, and Mara Jernigan) with Hungary’s most notable: Miguel Rocha Vieira who received the country’s first Michelin star at his Costes restaurant, and Chef Istvan Veres from one of Budapest’s best contemporary fine-dining restaurants, Babel.

With a focus on sustainability, they’ll be introducing an international delegation of chefs, wine experts, restaurateurs, culinary tourism specialists, and media to Budapest’s emerging food scene. In addition to the native and internationally revered Mangalitsa pig and Grey Cow breeds, Hungary boasts an armory of important products like carp, catfish, bream and zander fish; artisanal cheeses; paprika and sausages.

The country is also Europe’s largest producer of foie gras (a title often mistakenly given to the French), and its location in the middle of the Carpathian Basin (think high mountains and a notably long growing season) means there are over 20 different wine-growing regions.

Culinary enthusiasts can join in via a seven-day exploration of Budapest and the Balaton, or a four-day Budapest weekend tour. Both include a ticket to the Terroir Budapest Forum as well as all meals, wine tastings and accommodation.

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