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Vancouver Food is King

vancouver food

 Vancouver food is fit for a King. Or at least a Duke and Duchess according to the Evening Standard’s 10 Things To Do In Vancouver list prompted by a certain royal visit.

With the majority of the don’t-miss-it list focused on nosh, here’s a look at the Vancouver food that made the grade:

  • Chinatown’s rustic-chic Juniper and their great gin menu featuring the very English’y Wimbledon cocktail made with Pimm’s and the Notting Hill with dreamy rose buds and orange bitters.
  • David Hawksworth’s Nightingale for its 90s playlist, smashing cocktails and small happy-hour plates like Pacific rockfish or fig and gorgonzola.

vancouver food

  • Vancouver food trucks – high praise from street food obsessed England. Fish tacos from Tacofino and homey grilled cheese and tomato soup at Mom’s Grilled Cheese. Shout out to for food truck news.

vancouver food

  • Brunch at Café Medina brought on prayers for a London offshoot. Sister spot Chambar‘s short rib fricassee  was “nothing short of genius.”
  • Who doesn’t love Granville Island’s Public Market?  The micro-breweries, unique setting and all of the market stall food offerings. Unsurprisingly, Granville Island-made Endeavour gin from The Liberty Distillery got a special doff of the cap.

vancouver food

vancouver food

  • Delicious Canadian wine and Blue Mountain Pinot Gris in particular.


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