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Wine Advice: Vanya Filipovic

Vanya Filipovic

Wine Advice: Vanya Filipovic

We have been in full pivot mode with Mon Lapin taking on the alter ego of Casgrain BBQ, a sourdough-fried-chicken joint and it’s been quite fun.

The wines have been a joy to work with and promote, keeping things light and fresh with a nice focus on local products and gems from my import agency. We offer a curated selection of good-for-the-soul, exciting, vibrant natural wines, beers, sake, ciders, etc. My advice for a restaurant-style experience at home is to grab a bottle you’ve never had, get as much information from the sommelier/importer/website as possible, open up a map and take a look at where the wine is from—the history of the region, soil, surroundings. And dream of your next holiday. As for your meal at home, make it delicious and as natural as possible. Respect for nature during these times is not only recommended, it’s essential. And we all need as many probiotics as possible to ensure good health and good spirits.

Drinking local has never looked so good. Quebec wines, beers and ciders are really shining at the moment, with so many young people setting up shop and making awesome, vibrant things. This is the best way to support the local economy, spend less and taste new things. All the wines from my import portfolio are speaking to me more than ever because I yearn to visit all the amazing producers I represent, who have each become personal friends over the years. I can’t wait to be able to see them again and taste their newest ex- periments. That being said, it’s been quite fun to have a bit more time at home and to open up some of the bottles that have been aging gracefully over the last two decades. Silver linings!

📷 Mon Lapin/Les Vins Dame-Jeanne

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