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No. 50: Europea

1227 DE LA MONTAGNE, MONTREAL,QUEBEC EUROPEA.CA 514-398-9229 This elegant restaurant started small over a decade ago, then expanded twice within the same Victorian house, in the process growing from 35 to 80 seats But its layout—spread over three floors—maintains intimacy…


No. 47: Milos

5357 AVENUE DU PARC, MONTREAL,QUEBEC MILOS.CA 514-272-3522 With outposts in Manhattan, Athens, Las Vegas, Miami and London, Milos is easily Canada’s most successful high-end restaurant concept. Over the decades the décor has grown far more posh (out with the corny…

Jun I

No. 45: Jun I

156 AVENUE LAURIER WEST, MONTREAL,QUEBEC JUNI.CA 514-276-5864 Junichi Ikematsu’s modern Japanese restaurant is a hybrid that reflects his own unusual culinary background For in his native Kyoto he trained largely in the French culinary tradition—and the result here in this…

Hotel Herman

No. 40: Hotel Herman

5171 BOULEVARD SAINT-LAURENT, MONTREAL,QUEBEC HOTELHERMAN.COM 514-278-7000 Located in the Mile End, where hipsters share the neighbourhood with Hassidims—just like they do in Williamsburg, Brooklyn— Hotel Herman is a not a hotel at all, but rather a restaurant loved by the…

Liverpool House

No. 42: Liverpool House

2501 RUE NOTRE-DAME WEST, MONTREAL,QUEBEC JOEBEEF.CA 514-313-6049 Squeezed between the internationally famous Joe Beef and the hip Vin Papillon on Notre-Dame West, Liverpool House is meant to be a neighbourhood spot—the one locals can dine at, without doing battle with…


No. 44: Lawrence

5201 BOULEVARD SAINT-LAURENT, MONTREAL,QUEBEC LAWRENCERESTAURANT.COM 514-503-1070 When you quit boulevard St. Laurent and step into Lawrence, the first thing that strikes you is the warmth and intimacy of the place. These are tight quarters but— priorities, priorities—they have carved off…

Montréal Plaza

No. 31: Montréal Plaza

6230 RUE ST-HUBERT, MONTREAL,QUEBECL,QUEBEC MONTREALPLAZA.COM 514-903-6230 No new Montreal restaurant in recent memory has opened to such heated anticipation as this one. The reason is the track record and calibre of its main players—front of house manager Sébastien Blanchette, and…

Cabane A Sucre

No. 32: Cabane à Sucre

11382 RANG DE LA FRESNIÈRE, ST-BENOÎT DE MIRABEL,QUEBEC AUPIEDDECOCHON.CA 514-281-1114 At Cabane à Sucre, au Pied de Cochon chef Martin Picard grows vegetables, raises organic pigs and—mostly—taps surrounding maples to make his own syrup. then cooks with these ingredients with…

Au Pied De Cochon

No. 34: Au Pied de Cochon

536 DULUTH EAST, MONTREAL,QUEBEC AUPIEDDECOCHON.CA 514-281-1114 Martin Picard’s cult restaurant continues to awe crowds with the same unapologetically gluttonous menu items that made its reputation—like foie gras poutine and duck in a can. But this does not mean you should…

Maison Boulud

No. 25: Maison Boulud

1228 SHERBROOKE STREET WEST, MONTREAL,QUEBEC MAISONBOULUD.COM/MONTREAL 514-842-4224 The New York-based Lyonnais master chef Daniel Boulud has found a most appropriate home in Montreal’s RitzCarlton. In the strikingly European setting of the relaunched hotel, the original César Ritz-designed lobby juxtaposes with…

Nora Gray

No. 24: Nora Gray

1391 RUE SAINT-JACQUES, MONTREAL,QUEBEC NORAGRAY.COM 514-419-6672 Located near the Bell Centre in a retail no-man’s land, Nora Gray is nonetheless always full—which says a lot about the love regular customers sustain for this modern Italian eatery. They are not only…

Maison Publique

No. 21: Maison Publique

4720 RUE MARQUETTE, MONTREAL, QUEBEC MAISONPUBLIQUE.COM 514-507-0555 Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal might seem an unlikely location for one of the best gastropubs this side of Piccadilly, but that’s exactly what Maison Publique is. Chef Derek Dammann, along with his backing partner…

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