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No. 39: Charbar

SIMMONS BUILDING, 618 CONFLUENCE WAY SE, CALGARY, ALBERTA CHARBAR.CA 403-452-3115 As Calgarians approach the hostess desk here they will hopefully notice something that inexplicably—and inexcusably—they have not laid eyes on thereabouts in living memory: hefty cuts of porterhouse and the…

Model Milk

No. 18: Model Milk

308-17 AVENUE SOUTHWEST, CALGARY, ALBERTA MODELMILK.CA 403-265-7343 Chef Justin Leboe’s first solo restaurant occupies a 1930s dairy in what is now the centre of Calgary’s trendiest restaurant row. Along wth the original name, it retains the old exposed brick walls,…

No. 16: Pigeonhole

306 17TH AVENUE SW, CALGARY, ALBERTA PIGEONHOLEYYC.CA 403-452-4694 Justin Leboe’s latest—Pigeonhole—is announced with red fluorescent block lettering mounted directly on top of still legible, vintage sign beneath. That charming coexistence of old and new is a theme that carries on…

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