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Le Club Chasse Et Pêche

No. 26: Le Club Chasse et Pêche

423 RUE ST. CLAUDE, MONTREAL, QUÉBEC LECLUBCHASSEETPECHE.COM 514-861-1112 Despite the contemporary photographs on the walls, le Club Chasse et Pêche has an enduring and charming retro feel, helped along by deep leather armchairs, low ceilings and meaty fare. Chef Claude…


No. 19: Park

378 AVENUE VICTORIA, WESTMOUNT, QUEBEC PARKRESTO.COM 403-265-7343 Park is and remains one of the top restaurants in the former culinary desert of otherwise posh Westmount. No one will say that the popularity of this address is due to the décor,…

No. 5: Le Vin Papillon

2519 RUE NOTRE-DAME WEST, MONTREAL, QUEBEC VINPAPILLON.COM Le Vin Papillon is the newest sibling of the Joe Beef and Liverpool House clan and, like in all other families, the youngest child has decided to be the most original and the…

Joe Beef

No. 4: Joe Beef

2491 RUE NOTRE-DAME WEST, MONTREAL, QUEBEC JOEBEEF.CA 514-935-6504 The humble 30-seat back-to-basics culinary outpost that chefs David McMillan and Fred Morin opened on a sketchy stretch of NotreDame West in 2005 has, over the intervening years, doubled its size and…


No. 1: Toqué!

900 PLACE JEAN-PAUL-RIOPELLE, MONTREAL, QUEBEC RESTAURANT-TOQUE.COM 514-499-2084 Many a great restaurant has been defeated by the challenge of staying fresh and relevant for a decade— never mind two and counting. But Toqué! somehow marches on, more nimbly today than ever,…

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