Simple food travels best. Case in point: the modern bistro offerings from Toqué’s casual sibling, Brasserie T. As to be expected with Normand Laprise’s Montreal restaurants, the quality of the ingredients is beyond reproach and the kitchen is disciplined. Takeout is wide-ranging — a satisfying goat’s cheese and potato gratin with perfectly hand-diced salmon or steak tartare; an extensive selection of house charcuterie; and bavette frites with salmon or turkey pie, ready for reheating. A customer favourite is the salmon confit — lightly cured salmon fillet baked in a slow oven and well basted with maple syrup and olive oil, and accompanied with a bright, crisp fennel salad. The fish emerges from its takeout box, tender and succulent every time.
—Marie-Claude Lortie

Photo credit: (Salmon) Alison Slattery – @twofoodphotographers


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