Adam Pegg, chef/owner of Vancouver’s Point Grey jewel La Quercia, says the past year “forced us to try new things” — and the results of those efforts are delicious. After months of takeout, Pegg reopened last summer with just five tables and found that fewer staff serving fewer diners was a workable model. “We really enjoyed it…and could offer all the little touches we like.” (Dividers at his next-door wine bar, L’ufficio, allow for more guests.) And with a mere sliver of spare time, Pegg also created a grocery line long requested by his clientele. His fresh pastas, sauces and other pre-made dishes are now sold at neighbourhood retailer Stong’s Market. He chalks up his success to government assistance, loyal customers — and optimism. “This is a hard business at the best of times, with a high failure rate. Life is full of challenges. It’s just my personality, I guess, to push through.”
—Charlene Rooke

La Quercia did a takeout truffle dinner that was absolutely divine…fresh tajarin, a half- dozen eggs, a brick of sweet butter and as much truffle as you desired. We splurged on 120 grams, opened a few bottles of Corton- Charlemagne and had one of the most enjoyable evenings of the year.”

—Julie Vogel, C100B judge

Fresh pasta resting
Fresh pasta resting.

Photo credit: (Fresh pasta) Lynne Turner


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