Black-and-white photos of Michael Caine, Steve McQueen and other style trailblazers line the walls of the narrow entrance. They called their own shots and tonight you do, too. Grab a seat in this candlelit speakeasy accommodating 25 and pick your base alcohol — perhaps something from the expansive collection of vintage booze (prerefined sugar) sourced from Europe’s finest cellars. The bartender will gracefully guide you through a series of questions. Sweet? Bitter? Citrus? Spirit-forward? Et voilà, a cocktail sur-mesure! You can’t get a bespoke cocktail on the new patio, but you can enjoy a premixed take on the classic Italian aperitivo, mixed and canned on-site.

TRY: A Negroni made with 1950s campari

Photography by: Melika Rigaud @Melika.Dez


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