Cyberpunk only gets better with age and so does The Keefer Bar, a 12-year-old Vancouver institution that looks like it sprang from an early William Gibson sci-fi novel and was jacked into a futuristic metaverse. Dark and gritty, illuminated by gory anatomical illustrations and hung on an ancient Chinese apothecary theme that leans heavily into bitter botanicals, the Keefer also exudes a vibrancy and warmth that make you feel like you’ve stumbled into the world’s friendliest underground booze can where everyone knows your name. Drinks bubble with smoke and are stirred down to perfection. The music is chill. If you can’t get a seat, try the award-winning Keefer Yard. But the inside bar is still where the cool cats go.

TRY: Pirouette with Michter’s rye, Hojicha-infused amaro Montenegro and cherry blossom

Photography by: Dave Hamilton Photography


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