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Toronto Landmark Splendido To Close On New Years

Chef Victor Barry has decided to close Splendido after a 25 year run.

Splendido was ranked number five on the 2015 Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants list.

The restaurant, famous for its tasting menus, will serve its last dish this New Years Eve. But Barry is far from hanging up his hat.

He recently told the Globe and Mail that it was the quest for a better work-life balance that prompted the decision.

“As you grow and mature—I have two daughters and a wife—you realize that you don’t have to cook tasting menus to be the best restaurant,” he told The Globe.

“A restaurant at this level needs full commitment: 14 hours a day, five days a week. Even if [I make it home by] 11 at night, my wife might be in bed by 11:45, but I’m back on my computer at 12, looking at pictures of restaurants and food, getting inspiration from around the world. There’s always something you can do.”

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