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Beyond The Plate: Charming Tuck Shop

There’s nothing small about the energy coming out of Tuck Shop these days.

New Tuck Shop partners chef Theo Lerikos (Monkland Tavern), Amelia Stines and Jonathan Metcalfe were able to keep their staff employed throughout the pandemic – a major accomplishment they are rightly proud of. The dedication to their staff carries over to their customers. It is evident in their commitment to using the best in-season ingredients and offering a carefully selected vin du cart.  Factor in the nearby home garden whose ingredients are incorporated into the menu, a fascinating side project of growing in house oyster mushrooms for their recipes, and you’ve got the ingredients for a meal that feels like family.

📷 Ezra Soiferman

In the latest episode of Beyond the Plate host Heidi Small takes a trip to the in-restaurant mushroom lab, the challenges of running three teams around the clock and how Lightspeed keeps all of their moving parts on track and allows them to modify their work strategies as required.

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